Do You Need To Be Beautiful For Him?

People say looks shouldn’t matter in a relationship. Indeed that is the politically correct way and certainly what women’s groups and feminists say. To be honest they are correct to a certain extent.

Once you have a relationship then looks don’t matter for your partner will be beautiful to you. Not everyone is beautiful but they can still find partners, so beauty is not the only thing.

However part of an attraction of someone is they not only have respect for people around them but also of themselves. For wouldn’t you find someone that has great respect for themselves attractive?

Not all of us are naturally beautiful but we can make the most of what you have, strive to be the best that you can be.

This means putting your best face forward, the best version possible of yourself, striving to work and achieve your potential. This effort to be this makes you a very attractive person in of itself.

Now a part of your effort in making the most of yourself will also manifest in your appearance. Making the most of yourself will also mean you will dress and groom to make the most of your best attributes.

Taking care of your appearance and making the most of what you have shows respect for yourself. What’s also important is that you keep up the effort. That way you constantly show your partner you have respect for yourself. This will not be an effort for you if it’s also something important to you. Then this comes down to how important is your relationship to you. If it is important to you then you will work to keep it.

Like it or not, society will also judge people by looking at the quality of their partners. Quality of your partner affects your own quality as a person. Remember when was the last time you met someone then also looked at their partner and made a judgement.

“Oh your partner is so pretty, he’s so lucky!”

“Oh his partner is such a dog, is he blind? What was he thinking!

Taking care of your appearance shows him you care about making him look good as well. Your partner will then appreciate that.

Remember also that it is all fine and good to put the effort in during the initial stages of a relationship. Most people then get complacent and too comfortable as time goes on then let themselves go. It is then those who keep the effort up that shows who those of quality are.  Those are the ones who truly respect themselves, care about making their partner look good, wants to keep their partner’s respect, and value their relationship with their partner.