Everyday Relationship Advice – Do They Work?

We hear relationship advice all the time from TV, social media, media personalities, magazines, experts, celebrities. The big question is do they work? It’s interesting that no one has really questioned its effectiveness for certainly we keep hearing the same things over and over again. Lets look at what they commonly say, such as: 10 daily habits of super happy couples

  • Share a ritual (like making breakfast together every morning)
  • Compliment each other often
  • Hold each other – make time to share a moment with each other every morning and night
  • Don’t leave without a goodbye kiss
  • Have a pillow talk – the best talks happen in bed when people are most relaxed
  • Say ‘thanks’’ – expressing gratitude plays a big part in the happiness of a union
  • Spoil each other
  • Be happy to see each other
  • Take walks together
  • Text sweet nothings – small gestures, big rewards

Now all these things may be what happy couples do, but is it valid advice? The truth is that there is a lot of confusion around cause and effect. These acts are actually the effect not the cause. In other words, when you are happy together you will automatically do all those things. You will be happy together if you are with a compatible partner.

If you are both incompatible then you will not be happy together. Simply trying to act out all those things will not cause you both to be a happy couple.

It’s like children like eating candy, but eating candy will not make you a child.

Not only that but because all these things doesn’t come naturally to you then you have to continually remember to do them and inevitably you will forget to do so.

So the best thing is to find the right partner in the first place, then all the wonderful things will flow from that. You will then naturally do all those things as a given because you will be a happy couple for real.

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