How To Keep A Man – Especially If He’s Rich

You hear relationship advice all the time and they mostly centre on how to hook a man, but notice not many give advice on how to keep a man. It seems strange that there is so much emphasis and effort on getting the man first but then once you have him there is no support or guidance as to how to keep him.

Maybe people seem to think that you don’t need to put any work in for him to stay. The truth is that once you do. Like when you have saved up so much money in order to buy a car, then once you have it shouldn’t you put in the effort to maintain it for it to last and go the distance?

A relationship does need maintenance in order for it to last once you have got your partner you need to keep him if you want your relationship to last. Now this is especially true of wealthy men. Because of their wealth they are always popular with women and considered a good catch, therefore it is common for them to be surrounded by beautiful women. So what will it take to keep wealthy men and even men in general with you and ignore temptation?

How does Melinda Gates do it?

To answer that question we look to someone who does it well and successfully. Now Bill Gates being the wealthiest man in the world can have any model in the world he want but he only wants his wife. There have been no rumours or a suggestion of another woman or any affairs.

Now Melinda is has never been known as a beauty but there must be something special about her that has kept her in Bill’s heart after so many years of marriage. In fact Bill has once said in an interview that his wife means more to him than anything.    

So what did it take for her to capture and most importantly keep the heart of the richest man? What’s the secret? The answer is she makes herself an asset and adds value to his life. Because she adds value to his life she has become more to him than anything else. She supports him, works with him, believes in him.

Lesson for us

So make yourself an asset, not a liability. Make sure you add value to your partner’s life, that way your partner will never willingly leave you. Just think, if someone adds value to your life then you’re never going to leave them are you? Why would you? Your life would be better with them in it than without.

You can never force someone to stay with you. You can only persuade and convince them, and the best way to do that is show someone how much better life is with you than without! So to keep a man you must be an asset to him!

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