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Your Complete Partner: How to Choose The Right Partner For Love and Marriage For a Lifetime

Your definitive no nonsense guide to what relationships are all about, avoiding past mistakes, and how to choose your forever partner!
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About Miss Dragonfly

Hi, I’m Miss Dragonfly! I’m an Alternate Relationship Expert, Life Coach, Feng Shui and Chinese Astrologer. Here you will find a whole heap of information to help you navigate through life.

  • Learn what relationships really are,
  • Get the most out of life with the right partner and a successful career,
  • Avoid all the mistakes that people make, and how to choose the right partner for yourself,
  • Gain insights and whole different way of looking at things and learn a whole skill in interpreting situations and actions.

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Shouldn't We Do All The Work Equally? We all hear and agree that we should all share in the work in a relationship especially marriage. However how does it work in practice? What does sharing [...]

Who Should NOT Get Married

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Who Should NOT Get Married As you all know I have always been an advocate of there is someone for everyone so you do not need to stay with an incompatible partner. However I need [...]