Product Description

General advice on life or love from Miss Dragonfly and get the benefit of her insight into your issues. If you have a questions about life in general, just want to chat to someone, or just want another’s point of view you can request a conversation with Miss Dragonfly.
While Miss Dragonfly may look at your chart to understand you better and also get an idea of where you are in your life, this is different from a life reading as its more heavily conversation abased and focused on you being able to let out your worries and concerns with someone who can give you a completely different point of view on your situation.

Once you have paid, Miss Dragonfly will contact you by email to set up a mutually agreed time to conduct the reading over Skype or telephone. You will be asked to provide your date and time of birth and any specific question you wish to ask.

Session runs for up to 60 minutes.