Product Description

Relationship compatibility reading

Know beforehand whether you will get along in the long run. Read more about what a reading can do here.
Once you have paid, Miss Dragonfly will contact you by email to set up a mutually agreed time to conduct the reading over Skype or telephone. You will be asked to provide yours and your partner’s  date and times of births and any specific question you wish to ask. Also best to provide a clear and close up photo of your partner. This reading is priced higher than the life reading due to the extra preparation work involved in reading two people’s charts.

Note: We have found it is best that only one partner participate in this reading so you can be free to ask questions and Miss Dragonfly will be free to answer as honestly as possible. It is then up to you whether you want to tell your partner about the results of the reading.

Sessions run for up to 60 minutes.