Your Partner Left You – Is It your Fault?


We have all had a relationship breakup at some stage in our lives. It is heartbreaking enough but its all the more painful when it’s your partner leaves you. You then wonder and what did you do wrong. The reasons your partner usually give is usually either they need to move on and you don’t fit into their future they want, or they met someone else.

There are many ways they can break the news to you. They can do it the honourable way by calling you up to tell you, or even better meet you to tell you personally. The alternative is they can do it the coward’s way by avoiding you altogether by either stop calling you or answering your calls. This would really hurt but inevitably you feel like shit since it wasn’t your decision. You then question what did you do wrong? Were you not good enough? You didn’t say the right things? You then start to feel rejected and may think why didn’t my partner love me anymore? Who else would love me?

The reality is that it was not your fault. It’s not that you didn’t do or say the right things to make it work. You were just never compatible to begin with and unconsciously he may have recognised that. He was obviously missing something. He needed something that he couldn’t get from you because of this mismatch rather than anything you did wrong. He was getting tired of doing all that compromising that was needed to make it work and if you honest you probably were too. This was not your fault or his, it just means you were both not compatible. However don’t despair, even though you were not right for each other you can be the dream partner for someone else because of who you are. It is just a matter of finding the right partner. So come along the journey with me and I will reveal all the hidden meanings behind relationships and what your complete partner should really be like.

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