Relationship Compatibility

Life and Love Compatibility Matching
Choosing a life partner is THE most important decision you will make in your life as this choice will have a far bigger impact on your life than almost anything else. 

Therefore you need to take the utmost care. 

What the media says about how relationships work
We continually hear from “relationship experts” and the media that espouse how relationships are hard work and you need to continually work at it. 
This means that the reasons why you need to put effort in to make it work is because you need to bridge the differences and incompatibilities between the two of you.  
When something is difficult, then this means that the behaviour required to make it work isn’t natural to you or in your nature to do. 

Have a partner that loves you just for you!
I believe in being yourself, and working with your natural self.
Therefore you should choose your partner that would get along great with your natural self, wants what you want, and thinks you’re the greatest as you are!

Love is great * Love makes your life better * Love should be easy
…but only with the right partner!