Working with the real you!
I believe we are all a treasure unto ourselves, that everyone has their strengths, their hidden talents. We need to work with what we have, and know how to make the best and the most of what we have.

You can book session with Miss Dragonfly for a reading, coaching, or if you would just like a chat with her. It is recommended to have an astrology reading with Miss Dragonfly first to find out the real you. She can uncover any hidden talents you have, what benefits you, and what is coming up for you so you can best take advantage of opportunities.

Then she can tailor the following sessions towards the areas that you are interested in improving on where it be in relationships, career, your business, or life in general. So book a session with her now!

Consultations are done through Skype as best results are achieved via two way communication and she can view your facial expressions. Face to face consultations are by special requests only.

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Relationships/Life Coaching

Whether you are looking for a partner, just started dating, or need some direction in life, you can get guidance on what to look for in a partner, what to consider in a partner and in life. Also how to choose the right partner to help you in your life goals and for your life goals.

Career/Business Coaching

Whether you are looking for a career change or just starting out, having guidance on choosing the most suitable industry for you can make or break your career.

Any business would benefit greatly from having guidance as to the best timing for your most important changes and development.

Media/Speaking Appearances

Miss Dragonfly is available for any media appearances including television, radio, print media, or social media.

Have Miss Dragonfly speak at your next business function, presentation, or event.