Shouldn’t We Do All The Work Equally?

We all hear and agree that we should all share in the work in a relationship especially marriage. However how does it work in practice? What does sharing the work equally mean? Does it really mean taking turns on everything? Is it literally splitting everything and all tasks down the middle? Such as I take out the garbage one night you do it next time? I mow the lawn one day, you do it the next? I paint half the wall and leave the other half for you to paint?

What happens when you don’t specialise

Picture a company. The marketing department has its role and concentrates on doing that. Would it make any sense to have the marketing people spend half their time doing the marketing. Then spend the other half trying to do the engineering? And engineering department also trying to do marketing the other half of the time?

No it would not. It will become very inefficient as they would not be able to specialise, and not able to work to make the most of their own skill set. They would then become a jack of all trades and specialise in nothing. This will create a very bad result overall as the output from both departments will be less, the outcome is not optimised.

There is a goal for the company overall. They all have their jobs to do according to their skills and those specialist roles contribute to the overall effort. In that respect they are sharing the work equally.

 Running your life together like a company

You should have an overall goal as a couple, then share in the work that’s needed in getting to that goal. Work should be done by whoever is best at that particular job and they should focus on doing that best.

So the couple should concentrate on the career of the partner earning more. If someone is the better cook then they should be the main person that does that. If that means the man is the primary earner because he earns more and the woman does the cooking because she is better at it, then so be it.

There is no point in ignoring this fact just to fit the politically correct narrative. Otherwise all that will happen is you may end up with less money and lousy meal half the time.

The bottom line?

You don’t need to split all tasks literally down the middle. That is very unproductive and actually pretty stupid. Instead you should both specialise in whatever you are both best at and work towards a goal as a couple. That is the real essence of sharing the work.