Simple Reason Why Mariah Carey and James Packer Split

It was a surprising and perhaps not so surprising that a world famous pop star and a billionaire came together as a couple. Mariah Carey and billionaire James Packer’s romance seemingly sizzled together.  We saw them holidaying together, on their yacht and exotic locations. Mariah Carey flew into Australia to perform at his Casino.

Then seemingly out of the blue it was reported that the relationship broke down ever since they had an argument during a holiday in Greece. Numerous theories and reasons for the break up were put forwards. I looked at them and while there were many, but they are all symptoms of a much bigger underlying problem. That is, they both essentially had different values and goals in life. They had different goals. Now in my book I have highlighted how important having the same goals and values were for any relationship.

I will now break down their relationship and show how each of the reported reasons why Packer and Carey’s split really relates to them having different goals and values.

She spent too much money- Different money values

It’s no secret that Mariah Carey loves to pamper herself and is widely considered to be a diva. Her expenses reportedly included hair and makeup of $10,000 a session, $45,000 a year spa treatments for her dogs, and $100,000 a month ordering exotic flowers from around the world to be delivered wherever she happens to be.

Carey wanted $50 million dollars after the breakup as Carey reported claimed that packing up and moving her life and her twins from New York to Los Angeles for Packer, cost her a lot of money. It was also allegedly claimed that the fight they had in Greece traumatised her so much she had to cancel the South American leg of her tour which had cost her a lot of money.

This seems to be quite calculative of her given her own enormous wealth you would not think she would need to resort to demanding his money for things she did in a relationship. This behaviour strongly indicates that while Mariah loves to pamper herself, she would rather do so on someone else’s money if she could. We need to remember that while Mariah is independently wealthy she did grow up in poverty.

Now while Packer might be a billionaire, he would never had to contend with a partner that spent money the way that Carey did. This would have undoubtedly made him uncomfortable. While he grew up in a rich family, as a businessman that is used to calculating how much money can be made from an amount of money, he would know the value of money.

His family didn’t like her – Different family values

Reportedly Carey didn’t attend Packer’s sister Gretel’s 50th birthday party in Australia. Now your fiancé’s sister’s 50th birthday would obviously be an important family event for him and most women, certainly all the women James would have been with would have understood. By not attending the birthday party Mariah did not care about James’ family and would have caused a lot of tension in the family.  His mother reportedly didn’t like her and even hated her name mentioned.

He wanted a wife not a reality TV star

Mariah was busy filming and producing her reality show Mariah’s World which would have also included showing her life with James. Reportedly Packer didn’t want to be on there and have his life flashed before the world.

Mariah is in the entertainment business and her brand and business is herself and her profile. Her business has shaped her to be showy and public attention both by business necessity and also as she would love the attention.

Packer having grown up in a business environment was by nature and nurture more conservative. Having never had the necessity of being flashy for business he wasn’t.

He had been married twice and had more traditional wives who stayed more in the background and raised his children, and this was what he was more used to and unconsciously would have wanted. One thing Mariah would never have been was someone to stay in the background or a more traditional wife.

They’re both in different spheres

They spend months apart as a necessity as they both have businesses. She is touring all around while he has his casino work. They can try to make it work in the short term by trying to schedule things together as much as they can. However it becomes next to impossible over the long term to do this without one of them taking a back seat with their work.

A marriage is a partnership in life. It is difficult to see how Mariah and James would have been working to build their life together by supporting each other to grow their life together, like Mariah helping James in his business or James helping Mariah in entertainment (he didn’t even want to be in her reality show). The most successful marriages have been those couples who are in the same sphere so they work together for common cause, like Bill and Melinda Gates.

He is more conservative

Reportedly James was very unhappy that Mariah one of her dancers a lap dance during a show. Mariah would not have seen any problem with it as it was all a bit of fun for entertainment and art. Packer had been used to his partners being focused only on him, as gaining so much more prestige through him they would have wanted to make him the focus and keep him happy.


Why the hell did they get together in the first place?

This begs the question with so many differences why did they get together when they were clearly worlds apart. The answer lies with novelty for him and reliability for her.

As a wealthy man Packer certainly had his pick of attractive women with both his ex-wives being former models. He was far more prominent and wealthier than any of the women he dated so they would have put in the effort to accommodate him to make the relationship work. Undoubtedly they were also reliant on his money to give them the lifestyle they would not otherwise afford and the relationship dynamics would have felt all the same to him after a while.

Mariah was different. For the first time in his life Packer was with a woman who was wealthy in her own right and more famous than he was. It would have been refreshing to him and no doubt exciting being in Mariah’s crazy and glitzy world.

For Mariah Packer represented someone who was wealthy enough to keep her in the lifestyle she wanted without her having to dip into her own funds, but less well known and certainly not in the entertainment industry that would take attention away from her.