What is social intelligence – and why your partner must have it!

People think social intelligence is the same thing as emotional intelligence. This is because people are more familiar with emotional intelligence, and think it’s essentially about saying the right things and being courteous.

It is not. What is far more important is the actions. Actions speak and hold far more weight than words. Knowing what the right thing to do is and more importantly actually doing it is what I call social intelligence.

Picture you came home from work very late one night. You are tired, cold, and hungry. You walk in the door and your partner who has been home hours earlier looks up expectantly and asks “what’s for dinner?” How would you feel? For many people they would probably feel like screaming. If they had enough social intelligence they would know that since they had the advantage in coming home much earlier, it is smart to start dinner so their partner who would be tired would have dinner ready. Not only would it make their partner very happy, also both of them able to have dinner earlier rather than have to wait for the later’s arrival to cook dinner.

This is very important in a partner as the more social intelligence your partner has, the easier it is to live with them. This will reinforce the relationship and your feelings for your partner.

The more social intelligence someone has the easier it is to live with them because they make life easier for you. Anyone that makes life easier for you, you automatically will appreciate and love. This is just human nature.

Watch the video below for the summary: