Who Should NOT Get Married

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Who Should NOT Get Married As you all know I have always been an advocate of there is someone for everyone so you do not need to stay with an incompatible partner. However I need to make this clear that even though there is a match for you, marriage is not for everyone. Therefore you really [...]

How To Keep A Man – Especially If He’s Rich

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How To Keep A Man - Especially If He's Rich You hear relationship advice all the time and they mostly centre on how to hook a man, but notice not many give advice on how to keep a man. It seems strange that there is so much emphasis and effort on getting the man first but [...]

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What Is A Marriage?

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What Is A Marriage? Marriage has been such a fundamental part of society and life but do people really know what it is? How will you define it? When people say at a wedding “someone you will spend the rest of your life with” do you really know what that means? Is it just someone you [...]

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