What Is A Marriage?

Marriage has been such a fundamental part of society and life but do people really know what it is? How will you define it?

When people say at a wedding “someone you will spend the rest of your life with” do you really know what that means? Is it just someone you love to live with and just have fun with?

Surprisingly so many people including relationship experts and psychologists don’t actually get or understand the fundamental core of it.

Here I will hit the nail on the head. Marriage is essentially a partnership. Just like you take on a partner in business, partner in a project, here you are taking on a partner in life. There together you live your lives together and you build your life together. It is not about one person doing all the work and the other going along for the ride. Those marriages never work out as its human nature that no one wants to be taken advantage of. Think about it, how would you feel if you were the one doing all the work on a work project while your colleague took it easy, then also shared in the credit for it? Anger? Resentment?

So a marriage requires the input and work in life from both. It is a partnership and for it to last it needs you both to treat it like a partnership and that means putting in equal work, though not necessarily the same type of work. This is an area that I will expand on in my later articles as it covers a vast number of issues. Stay tuned!