Have Women Forgotten How To Be Women?

Most of the focus nowadays have been on women’s love lives and what women want from a partner. Unfortunately a lot of people have forgotten to ask men what they want.  This is important because there are two sides to every relationship, and also you need to know what the other side wants in order to attract them in the first place!

Quite a big complaint from men nowadays is that man women have forgotten how to be a woman.

That they no longer show or have the feminine qualities that they once did. Such forgotten feminine qualities include:

  • Feminine dress,
  • Feminine behaviour,
  • Being their husband’s confidant and advisor instead of competitor,
  • Women’s traditional skills such as cooking,
  • Being a good mother that places her children’s welfare above her own.

In a bid to conform to the feminist doctrine that they are the same as men, they have left behind those qualities that made them women. Women even seem to be ashamed to develop, show, and be proud of their feminine side because of political correctness.

They have a misguided unconscious belief that women’s natural attributes are less valued than masculine ones so they suppress them. That is also why they seek to emulate masculine behaviour. This can be seen by the modern prevalence of many women going out drinking heavily, being promiscuous, and being loud. Eventually because those feminine qualities and behaviour were not allowed to develop, those skills and attributes may have been lost.

They do not understand that the feminine is just as important as the masculine. It is different, but just as important. It has value. This is evident by it being appreciated and yearned for by men. The sad thing is that part of the reason why women build themselves up to be “strong” and “independent” think that this will impress potential partners. However the irony is that by doing this they have forgone the very qualities sought by men.

So women, do not be afraid or ashamed of letting your feminine side come out. Enjoy learning new cooking techniques, and be proud to say you desire to be a mum or even a full time one. Above all, remember to also be a woman.